SWORD Ministries is both local and international. This wonderful mix is derived from local ministers all over the world entering into a relationship of discipleship with us. These local ministers, in turn, are better equipped to serve Christ within their communities.

This works well with our philosophy that indigenous Christians are the best way to reach the culture around them. For example, rather than spending thousands of dollars to train and deploy an American to do missions work in Nepal, we spend far less equipping those faithful Christian ministers whose homeland is Nepal. We are not in the business of propigating 'American Christianity,' but rather 'Biblical Christianity.'

If you would like to learn more about what we believe and the doctrines that we hold to, please visit our Doctrinal Standards page.


We have ministries all over the world (click HERE to see our ministry map). Each ministry is lead by faithful, dedicated, indigenous Christians. Some of these ministries are listed below.

Please support Christ's work through us by praying for our ministries.

For more detailed information about one of our ministries please click the links below:
Larry Bray (USA)
Sergey Mocholav (Siberia)
Bathiran Samuel (India)
Herman Timonah (Kenya)
Nestor Pablo (Philippines)
Moses Makokha (Kenya)
Ademir Moreira (Brazil)
Bill Bauerle (USA)


If you wish to partner with us in changing the world for Christ please consider praying for our current ministry works and contributing financially.
You can donate to the main SWORD ministry and to specific ministries of SWORD by clicking the appropriate button(s) below.


At this time SWORD Ministries does not have non-profit status. To read why we have chosen not to incorporate please see THIS ARTICLE.

Since all donations are distributed to our ministries, each individual ministry is accountable for how their funds are spent. Any of our ministries, upon request from a supporter, will provide the specific documentation requested regarding their ministry.

Any donations that specify a particular ministry will be fully given to that ministry *

All donations that are not specified for a particular ministry will be distributed between the ministries according to need *

Donations received for current year as of 2/1/2017:
Gross: $300.00
Net: $300.00

* Apart from any transaction fees that may be incurred by a third party (e.g. a financial institution charging a fee for transfering or converting funds).